Delfites Learn Amidst Nature’s Lap 

DLF Public School   always believes in giving its learners opportunities to experience life beyond classroom as nothing beats an exciting hands on experience to embed learning. A group of over 37 Delfites of Classes VI to VIII and teachers recently embraced an  experiential and enthralling learning opportunity during a 3-day educational trip to Mussoorie, the Queen of the Hills. The terrain was perfect to introduce the students to the outdoors and interact with nature. The power-packed group indulged themselves in the best of structured outdoor activities arranged at Camp Anubhav by Rocksport Group. While the outdoor sessions like rock climbing, rappelling, zip lining, trekking, hiking, river raft sailing and guerrilla war helped the students to lose the fear and inhibitions; the social sessions like games and bonfire night programme provided an opportunity for camaraderie. ‘Through elements of action, reflection and transference, the various activity modules introduced unfamiliar and challenging environments where the young minds learnt to make decisions, develop resilience and enhance problem-solving and creative skills along with the ability to establish trust and collaborate with one another. ‘expressed  escorting teachers, Punam Agarwal and Chhavi Kumar. ‘The Camp gave us an opportunity to  go beyond regular curriculum and text book learning. It was an influential experience as we learnt how to stay together in different situations and felt nostalgic while leaving the place,’ shared a group of students.  Away from the humdrum of the city life and gadgets, children and their mentors got the opportunity to bond, and enjoy nature and outdoors in all its glory. A time absolutely invested in learning and experiencing the beautiful world we have! 



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